Supply Chain Management for Travel Ease Tour Specialists

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The travel industry is consistently changing. It is the type of industry that must deal with tides of time, including how it conducts it business, how it sells products and services and how each link of the supply chain works and connects with the rest of the chain. Travel Ease Tour Specialist, as one of the dynamic travel agencies managed to keep up with the trend in the industry in order to achieve efficiency in managing the supply chain at cost efficient way.


Philippine Airlines
Hotels and Resorts
Tour Operators
oLas Palmas
oUniversal Holidays
oSinai Travel


Travel Ease Tour Specialist has several partners included in its supply chain; therefore the agency applies different strategies to match the services being offered. This is done consistently to maintain the agency’s competitive advantage over other travel firms.

Few Suppliers

Travel Ease established a long-term partnering relationship with Philippine Airlines for its ticketing and booking services thus incurring lower transaction cost. The agency also applies the same strategy with its affiliated tour operators.

Many Suppliers

By means of many suppliers strategy, the hotels and resorts respond with the demand and specifications set by customers seeking for room accommodations. Travel Ease acts as a middleman between the customers and hotels or resorts.


Travel Ease list of clientele varies on their service needs, therefore substantial efficiency in connecting the airline, hotels and resorts, and affiliated tour operators to its customers that wish to take a trip to a particular location and meet their individual wants and needs for that trip are properly handled.

For customers booking or reserving for a flight, Travel Ease is working with Philippine Airlines to arrange the flight schedule and seat reservation. The partnership with PAL started way back...
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