Supply Chain Management and Agility Logistics

Topics: Supply chain management, Management, Third-party logistics Pages: 13 (3945 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Organisational Analysis

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Deepa Vijayachandran- 3376278
Jahan Sahatdurdiyeva- 308096
Emanouela Kalotova- 2708279
Reshma Thomas- 3384251


Company Profile4
Main Activities6
Specialized Business Units6
Agility Awards8
Formal Organisational Structure9
Existing Structure and Relevance to Work Flow12
Organisational Environment13
Technology at Agility14
Organisational Structure and Environment15
Organisational Culture16
Key Challenges17

Word Count: 3,868

The following report will analyze Agility Logistics Company In Relation To Organisational Analysis. The firs part of the report will provide the historical background of the company as well information on the company’s main activities, major specialized business units and rewards received by the company. Second, the report will look at the organizational structure of Agility Logistics, the work flow of the company as well as the relation of the structure to its environment. Third, the variety of sources of technology used by the company as well as the culture of the Agility Logistics. Finally, key challenges faced by the company will be mentioned including several recommendations on how to solve them. In addition the report will be concluded by mentioning the key points of the report. The report was created by using primary as well as secondary sources of information. First, in order to obtain a detailed information and understanding about the company, several interviews were conducted by the group, with Agility Logistics’ executives including Tarek Sultan, Chairman and Managing Director in Dubai. Second, electronic sources and text books were used to gain more information on the company activities, challenges and so on. The two information sources were combined to analyze the structure of Agility Logistics and provide suggestions on how to improve it.

Company Profile

"Personal service is an idea that resonates with our customers. They need us to be responsive and anticipate where they are going. The key to building and maintaining leadership is continuing to provide and improve upon the personal service we offer, globally and locally. It's what our customer wants, and it's what sets us apart." Tarek Sultan,

Chairman and Managing Director

Headquartered in Kuwait, Agility was found in 1979. With more than 29,000 employees, 550 offices in 100 countries worldwide and over $5.6 billion in annual revenue Agility is a leading global logistics provider (Agility, 2008). Furthermore, it is a publicly traded company with comprehensive network of warehousing facilities, transportation and freight management services, which offers its customers a truly personalized service and flexible solutions to meet their individual business needs. Agility’s customers include industries from technology and retail to consumer products and oil and gas. In addition, it has three specialized business units: Defense & Government Services, Project Logistics, and Fairs & Events Logistics, where each unit has a dedicated team to meet the complex requirements of its customers in these markets (Kuwait Times, 2008). Also, Agility’s “people first” approach extends personal service to its customers and the expansion worldwide is increasing as it invests in people through education, professional training, and leadership development and ongoing infrastructure improvements in emerging markets. Throughout ten countries in the Middle East, Agility is a leading provider of supply chain solutions to companies and government organizations. Its services are contract logistics, in other words warehouse management, fleet management, international freight, transportation, inventory management and order processing and other solutions related to supply chain and value added...
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