Supply Chain Management

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With the development of e-logistic practices in the global IT industry, There is a strong curiosity of how e-logistic activities are actually Performed in well-established companies. Within this I am

Elaborating some standards of e-logistics best practice and then compare them with the application of e-logistic strategy in Dell Inc , a well known computer manufacturer and provider of computing solutions . The literature review revealed that there several characteristics of e-logistic best practices which include both B2B and B2C service enhancements , marketing enhancement abilities , and network management capabilities . We find that Dell has a `virtual integration ' program that fulfilled most of the strategic demands above with the exception that while focusing on generic strategies , the company became lack of product differentiation .

E-Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management (SCM ) is one of the most frequently discussed issues in profit-oriented organizational management . It has long been recognized that good quality SCM practices leads to efficiency and higher service value delivered to customers . The largest companies in the world , like Walmart and Tesco are supported by efficient and effective SCM practices . Today , even start-ups have begun to carefully design their SCM system to gain competitive advantages over competitors within their industry . Meanwhile , discussions and reviews of the concept are continuously performed to result enhancements in how to further increase efficiency and effectiveness of SCM .

The internet has been one of the most powerful factors that influence development of the SCM concept . The World Wide Web gave birth to e-business , which is considered a critical part of going global in business management . Combined with SCM concepts , the internet gave birth to a new concept called e-logistics , which is the core discussion within this . The will describe e-logistics and characteristics of

its best practices and revealed how Dell Computer , a well-known player in the IT industry uses e-logistics to enhance the quality of corporate management .
Literature Review
II .1 . Benefits and Challenges of E-Logistic Practices
Since its inception , managers and observers have identified the enormous potential of the internet as a tool that will provide significant savings in supply chain costs and add efficiencies in customer service . There is no unified definition of e-logistics , partly because the potential impact of e-business on logistics and SCM are not yet fully explored . Some might define e-logistics simply as the process necessary to transfer goods sold in the internet to customers . A more comprehensive understanding of e-logistics revealed that e-logistics include a wide range of s related to supply chain integration and elimination of intermediaries .

The known benefits of a good practice of e-logistics include : Enhanced business capacity
Within a competitive business realm , companies must be able to anticipate and facilitate customer demands without investing in unnecessary capabilities . Companies that fail to facilitate customer demands due to one or several reasons , will face the risk of loosing key customers . E-logistics helps companies trim costs involved with delivery activities

Faster transit times
E-logistics capabilities allowed managers to...

oday more and more people use E-commerce, E-Commerce is a basic economic actively involving trading or the buying and selling of goods. (Turban et al., 2000; Korper and Ellis, 2001)E-commerce has revolutionized not only the way goods are sold, involving a lot of businesses. To fulfill the customer requirement, example the bookshop needs to carry out other commercial transactions and business functions such as managing the supply chain, providing logistic support, handling payment, etc. It¡¯s necessary for a...
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