Supply Chain B2B/B2C

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  • Published : February 15, 2006
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Supply chain can be defined as "a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials; transformation of these material into intermediate and finished products; and distribution of these finished products to customers, (Wikipedia. 2006), the flow of resources into and out of the enterprise's collective operations. (Ichnet, 2006), or, all of the elements in the process that enables the delivery of a product to a customer beginning with the customer order acquisition process, links through logistics and manufacturing and ending with the suppliers and the acquisition of materials." (Coresim, 2006)

The supply chain theory, its relevance and methods of implementation, vary within the business world and are affected by the nature of the operation as well as the operation's methodology for attracting, servicing, maintaining, and expanding their client base.In business to business transactions on the web, an operation would focus on it's suppliers, recognizing that looking up the supply chain fulfills answers with regards to business to business orders, supply, and ability to meet current and increasing product demand.

The focus on supply chain management within a web based business to business operation is imperative due to the nature of the transactions taking place. Businesses to business, or B2B internet transactions, promote the B2B as a "portal that allows businesses to deal directly with their suppliers and distributors online. B2B sites may offer electronic transfer of orders, invoicing, and even payments for supplies. Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers fall in this category." (Akstrategic, 2006) Furthermore, "B2B sites deal primarily with other businesses, not the general public and handle a lot more than just the sales of products." (Akstrategic, 2006) Web based business to business entities exist primarily as a portal to conduct business transactions.

Web based business to consumer, or B2C...
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