Supply Chain at Lucky Cement Company

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Institute Of Business Management
Term Project on Lucky Cement
Supply Chain Management

Submitted to:
Mr. Ali Khan
Made By:
Sultan Shaheer Khan
Syed kamran Ahmed
Syed Ahsan Ahmed
Junaid Jawed
Shahzaman Khoro

8th December, 2010

Letter of Acknowledgment

It has been a pleasure to be Mr. Moinuddin sheikh’s students. We would like to thank him for giving us the chance to learn and apply the theories of Supply chain Management in practical situation.

His lectures have been very interesting. We are extremely grateful to him and appreciate his efforts for providing us full support, encouragement and valuable guidance.

Sincere regards

Junaid Jawed
Sultan shaheer
Shahzaman Khoro

Letter of Transmittal

8th December, 2010

Mr. Moinuddin sheikh
Supply Chain Management
Institute of Business Management

Dear Sir,

We are submitting to you the report, due December 8th , 2010, that you requested. The report is entitled Lucky cement, a research report. The purpose of the report is to present an in-depth observation and overview of Strategies that can be implemented by Lucky Cement to attain better results.

We hope that the report satisfies the requirements for the term report.


Junaid Jawed
Sultan shaheer
Shahzaman Khoro

Table of Contents:

Cement is one of major industries of Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in cement raw material. Currently many cement plants are operating in private sector. Pakistan Cement Industry has huge potential for export of cement to neighboring countries like India, U.A.E, Afghanistan, and Iraq & Russian States. There has been a robust growth of cement demand seen both in domestic and exports market during the financial year ended June 30, 2007. The industry achieved an overall growth of 32% with domestic demand of cement increased by 24.95% whereas the exports increased by 111.86%. The overall growth achieved by many cement factories for the year under review was 111.29% consisting of domestic and export markets at 71.02% and 335.12% respectively.

Our research will be based on the supply chain management techniques and methodology used by one of the leading cement manufacturer of Pakistan i.e. Lucky Cement. We will try to include the problems and challenges faced by lucky cement’s supply chain team in encompassing the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management. Basically our main focus is on the supply of cement from distilleries to the required location, we will analyze the costs of their logistic by identifying the locations of raw material and delivering of finished goods. Moreover, we will also try to include the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers local as well as international, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers. But, the scope of our term paper is not limited to the above we will try to understand and analyze the activities of lucky cement and specifically their supply chain department because of which they are leading the Pakistani cement industry and rated among top in Asia with production facilities in Pezu (Production capacity: 13,000 Tons per day) as well as in Karachi (Production capacity: 12,000 tons per day) and maintaining a large volume of export in middle east and other regions. Further their future objectives. Moreover we shall propose the possibility of implementing just in time inventory management and just in time delivery system in cement industry particularly lucky cement. Also we shall analyze the forming of strategic alliances with its suppliers and distributors, and its impact on company`s profits and share holder`s wealth.

We envision being the leader of the cement industry by identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, meeting expectations of the...
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