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Topics: Tata Group, Logistics, Supply chain management Pages: 32 (7187 words) Published: March 5, 2013

A Seminar Report On International Operations Management
(A Case Study on DIESL of Tata Group)

For the Degree of MBA-International Business
(Department of HRM & IB)

SUPERVISED BY: - Ms. Chetangana ChoudharyAsstt. Professor Department of HRM & IB The IIS University | SUBMITTED BY:- Ms Reetu Pandey MBA-IB (Sem I) Enroll No.12/14073|


I am very thankful to everyone who all supported me, for I have completed my project effectively and moreover on time. I am equally grateful to my teacher Ms. Chetangana Choudhary, she gave me moral support and guided me in different matters regarding the topic. She had been very kind and patient while suggesting me the outlines of this project and correcting my doubts. I thank her for her overall supports. I am making this project not only for marks but to also increase my knowledge


This report holds some basic information on the given topic ‘International Operations Management’. I had to go through some books and surf through the internet to get this project done and going through these stuffs was really interesting and informative. I have tried to include much information about the topic.     

This report consists of an introduction to international operations management, their significance and its characteristics and more. I hope the contents of this report will give the readers a quick look of the International Operations Management and will be informative to them.


S.No.| Topic| |
Chapter 1| Introduction| |
Chapter 2| Research Methodology| |
Chapter 3| Company Profile| |
Chapter 4| Data Analysis & Interpretation| |
Chapter 5| Findings and Suggestions| |
Chapter 6| Conclusion| |
| Bibliography| |





Globalisation implies emergence of a borderless, hurdle less, competitive economy in which survival of the fittest is the order. International operations management in such an environment aims at managing the diverse operations globally in such a way as to achieve overall optimum results consistent with the objective and strategies of the firm. Operations management is becoming increasingly international for different types of firm. Fig(a). BUSINESS PROCESS: Distribution Channel

Definition and meaning
Distribution channel is an important element of marketing- mix. The ultimate objective of every firm is making product available to its target customers and its execution of this objective is distribution. Meaning of channels of distribution can be understand well with the help of some definitions: (1) According to Richard M. Clewett, “Channel is a pipeline through which a product flows on its way to the consumer at the other end of the channel.” (2) In the words of W.J.Stanton ,”A channel of distribution for a product is the route taken by the title to the goods as they move from the producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial user.” (3) According to Cundiff, Still and Govoni, “Marketing channel are the distribution network through which producer’s products flow to market.” (4) According to W. Alterson, “Marketing channel is a...
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