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White Paper on transport

Roadmap to a single euRopean tRanspoRt aRea — towaRds a competitive and ResouRce-eFFicient tRanspoRt system


illustrated brochure comPrises the text of the

euroPean commission’s White PaPer ‘roadmaP

to a single


transPort area — toWards a comPetitive and resource -efficient transPort system’ (com(2011) 144 final of 28 march 2011) and a foreWord by vice -President

siim K allas, commissioner for transPort.

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R O A D M A P T O A S I N G L E E U R O P E A N T R A N S P O R T A R E A — T O WA R D S A C O M P E T I T I V E A N D R E S O U R C E - E F F I C I E N T T R A N S P O R T S Y S T E M

I am proud to present this ‘Roadmap to a single European transport area’. This strategic document presents the Commission’s vision for the future of the EU transport system and defines a policy agenda for the next decade. The programme in question is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiative for a resourceefficient Europe. Efficient transport is a precondition for maintaining the EU’s prosperity — we need less congestion, fewer emissions, more employment and more growth. It is also key to a well-functioning internal market and the ability of all of our regions to remain part of a fully integrated world economy. Transport is also an important part of the economy itself: many European companies are world leaders in infrastructure, logistics and the manufacture of transport equipment and traffic management systems. We must keep it that way. However, in a world of rising oil prices, growing congestion and looming climate change, the EU’s transport system needs a radical overhaul to maintain its role of growth engine and keep pace with mounting global competition. In order to avoid having to limit our freedom of movement, we need to break the shackles of transport’s dependency on oil, but without sacrificing its efficiency. The strategy established in this White Paper shows how this transformation can be achieved. It defines 10 very challenging goals designed to guide policy actions and measure progress — including phasing out conventionally fuelled cars from cities by 2050, and a 50 % shift in middle distance passenger and longer distance freight journeys from road to other modes by the same date — to achieve a 60 % reduction in CO2 emissions and comparable reduction in oil dependency. These are underpinned by 40 concrete initiatives — to be developed over this decade. I am fully committed to putting forward key proposals during my term as Commissioner for Transport. At the same time, this White Paper also defines a strategy to which all transport stakeholders should contribute. No overhaul of the transport system will be possible without concerted action involving national, regional and local authorities, transport operators and transport users. I invite all readers to rise to the challenge and work alongside the European...
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