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Today, increasing competitive requirements, firms try to increase market share, also they always want decrease their costs. They have to communicate their product for custom,in right time and right place so they need to get raw material in the minimum cost with suppliers.This system of organization is supply chain. Also, if the firms want exist competitive market, they must establish supply chain managment in their firms.Supply managment is including managing the movement of raw materials into an organization,certain aspects of the internal processing of materials into final goods and the movement of final goods out of organization and toward the customers.For this reason, you shouldn't assume that product process different from how a product circulate in a firm.As result, all functions should be integrated in Supply Chain Managment (SCM).There are some functions of SCM, managment demand and suplly, purchasing, scheduling, stock managment, distrubtion.

One of the first function of SCM is demand and supply.Demand managment is managing the demand for goods and services along the supply chain.The basic demand is demand for the ultimate product or service from the end user.To meet this demand of end user different links in the supply chain need to supply some goods or service to the following link in the chain.In turn to meet their supply commitment they need inputs from the previous link.

Another function is purchasing.Purchasing is the connect with demand side of the supply chain.Purchasing requirements are that purchasing stratigies should adaptable with firm stratigies and sellers should be establihed partnership and supplier performance's should be followed each time.

The third function is scheduling.Custom order's transported to custom right...
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