Supply and Demand of Mba Graduates

Topics: Supply and demand, Student, Master of Business Administration Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Supply and Demand is one of many important concepts that gorvern our society’s economics. People encounter such concept not only at their workplaces, but also in their daily life. People are constantly switching their role in this game of play and catch. One minute they are buyers with demands ranging from housewives’ kitchen utensils to celebrities’ multi million dollars necklaces; the next, they turn into suppliers that handle products such as one’s toothpaste to luxurious services such as that Beverly Hill’s diamond spa treatment. In this paper, we want to narrow our focus to the Supply and Demand of MBA students, specifically at Sprott School of Business, and examine the worth of such degree by using the framework, the elasticity, etc. ... of Supply and Demand concept. We want to start with analyzing the meaning in getting a MBA degree in today society, and what roles did people play along during the process. In my opinion, a person with a MBA degree will be a valuable commodity in virtually any industry or market. As an international student, I act as a buyer who are looking to improve my own leadership, to broaden my networks, and also to invest for a fruitful future ahead. Sprott School of Business, in this context, will act as the supplier that will provide me the knowledge, the information and other behavioral management techniques etc. ... at the price of the tuition fee. After graduation, I will become the supplier that can supply the needed managerial skill sets with my MBA degree, to the buyers who are firms, organizations, people that look for this particular asset in their future workers, subordinates or colleagues. Furthermore, with the help of elasticity concept of Supply and Demand, we hope to justify one’s decision in applying to Sprott MBA program. In order to do that, we will need to study the program’s supply and demand curves. Due to limited resources, the nearest assumption that we can make is that there is an increase (approx....
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