Supply and Demand and English Literature

Topics: Supply and demand, Kidney, Inflation Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1. Should the government build more shelters for the homeless? Where will it get the resources to do so? I think that the government should build more shelters for the homeless people. The reason that I think the government should build more shelters is that if they are not giving people jobs than they should give them houses to stay because everybody is equal. For example when Hurricane Sandy hit the north the government had shelters to provide a place for the homeless. However if a bigger hurricane hits then the government will need more shelters.

2. Why do we measure output in value terms rather than in physical terms? Because things can be measured in different forms such as ton, cubic, piece etc.Converse these forms based on prices we will have a comparable value, in dollar term. The outputs are in different unit of measure. For example, a house, a car, a cow etc. To sum them up, we have to change them to the same unit of measure. That’s in dollar term.

3. What does the supply and demand for human kidneys look like? If a market in kidneys were legal, who would get them? How does a law prohibiting kidney sale affect the quantity of kidney transplants or their distribution? As of this day in the US, 87,939 people need kidney transplants. In 2010, only 15,430 people received kidney transplants. That's not too good. The main problem is that not enough people are registered as donors. If the market were legal, only the wealthy would be able to get one, and that is the problem. Who in the world would sell a kidney for $150 to a poor person when a rich person would pay $150,000 or more for one? That is why it can't be made legal; it hurts everyone who is not rich.

4. If all soda advertisement were banned how Pepsi sales would be affected? How about total soda consumption? If all soda advertisements were banned, Pepsi sales would not be affected. They cut their advertising budget in the last several years because they realized they would never be able to...
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