Supplier Evaluation of Semiconductors of Maayas Secutronics Ltd |

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Supplier Evaluation of Semiconductors of Maayas Secutronics Ltd| |

Supplier Evaluation of Semiconductors of MaayasSecutronics Ltd. -------------------------------------------------

Prepared for
Mr. Shoeb Md. Asaduzzaman
Business to Business Marketing

Prepared by
Burhan Al Rashidxx
Md. Mustafa Tousifxx
Adnanul Haque Ahmed50
Muktadir Shubhro Jinnah88

November 29, 2010
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

Table of Contents

1Executive summary103
2Company Background:103
4An Incoming Quality Control Example of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry107
5Adding an Ideal Supplier111

Executive summary

Raw Material Supplier Ratings in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry through Fuzzy Multiple Objectives Programming to DEA

Supplier rating definitely impacts supplier management policies of semiconductor manufacturing companies like MaayasSecutronics Ltd. This paper talks about how fuzzy multipleobjective programming (FMOP) is used for dataenvelopment analysis (DEA) to rate suppliers on supplier management of raw materials in Maayas. The five attributes of cost, quality, delivery, service, and environmental factors are classified into input/output variables. The empirical examples show results that are consistent with actual practices in a company in Bangladesh or China or Korea. By using FMOP to DEA, an objective rating report can be generated to build mutual understanding with suppliers as well asreflecting tradeoffs of upper management concerns, i.e., cost is as important as quality. In addition, the use of an ideal supplier that conveys the goals of management is discussed.

Keywords:DataEnvelopment Analysis (DEA), Fuzzy Multiple Objective Programming (FMOP)

Company Background:

MaayasSecutronics Ltd. is one of the fast growing Safety and Security Solution provider of the country, specialized in developing customized hardware & software solutions. Since establishment in 2002, they have been providing hardware & software solutions to different clients according to their choice and needs. The goal of their organization is to ensure satisfaction of their distinguished clients through the best quality products along with development of superior hardware & software solutions.

They have a creative and expert team of certified hardware & software professionals who are able to take challenges, responsibilities and also can offer you superior quality of works as your desire. Their expert team always cares for your life and assets. Depending on this basis they always work on it and make your life and assets secure. They research and develop technology for sake of their valuable client’s safety, security and profit. Their expert team always customizes technologies according to their clients needs.

MaayasSecutronics’s Research and Development team is always in search for improvement of better hardware & software solutions to make valuable client’s job easy, comfortable and efficient. Their goal is to reach the top level satisfaction of their honorable clients. They work for customization of any types of electronics products.

Electronics market in their country is basically based on foreign manufactured electronics equipments. Their country doesn’t have any electronics equipments or machineries which are completely or partially designed or manufactured in their country. The honored first step in Bangladesh has taken by MaayasSecutronics Ltd. in design and manufacturing electronics and as well as electro-mechanical machineries in their country. They have very expert, eligible, hard working engineers as well as IT professionals. They also have highly experienced consultants in their country as well as around the world guiding us with their wise suggestions. These expert’s suggestions make their work more perfect, more...
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