Supervisory Development Plan

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Authentic Assessment: Supervisory Development Plan
BMGT 391

I. Developmental Goals
As a supervisor I have set many goals out for myself and the department I will be supervising. One of the main goals I have is excellent communication between my employees and me. Good communication is a key aspect of running an efficient department some daily tasks will not always run smoothly but with the help of good communication between me and my employees it can help get the department back on track. One of the biggest parts of communication is listening “the supervisor who is a good listener is more likely to have employees who help identify and solve work-related problems.” (Slagle) Another goal I am striving for is better training for not only myself to help me manage different situations but also training for my employees. A well trained employee is an efficient employee when they are spending time doing their work correctly that is less time I will have to look over there work and also less time they will have to spend fixing the mistakes that may have been made. I also want to develop a reward system for employees who go above and beyond what they have to. I think by developing a reward system it will give the employees that boost of motivation they need, and also show them that I appreciate their hard work and this will boost morale. When handling conflicts I want to be effective and efficient not letting situations get out of hand especially if the conflict is about another employee. “Conflict is inevitable, and you will need to develop conflict-resolution strategies.” (Leonard, Jr 2010) I want my department to run as smoothly as possible and my employees to respect me and feel like they can trust me with anything. The best plans do not always go as they should and need critiquing knowing this will allow me to constantly review my goals and adjust accordingly.

II. Performance Gaps
As with any job there are going to be performance gaps, and this...
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