Supervisor & Subordinate Communications

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Supervisor – Subordinate Communication
Mastering a Fundamental Concept

BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools

According to the United States Department of Labor, we spend 8.6 hours on the average weekday working, an hour more a day than sleeping. As important as it is to have a good mattress to achieve a good night’s sleep, it is even more important to have good communication in the workplace. The communication between supervisor and subordinate may be one of the most important and most complicated of that in the workplace. From the moment a person enters the work force, they are a subordinate. Even as they climb the career ladder, and become supervisors, they remain a subordinate to someone. The president of a company is still subordinate to the Board members, and share holders. The relationship between subordinate and supervisor rarely goes away in the business world, instead the players change. As a person looking to become a player in the business world, I need to learn, understand, and utilize the best methods for fostering healthy and beneficial communication between subordinate and supervisor. Mastering effective communication in the role of a subordinate as well as in the role of supervisor is paramount to having a successful career in the world of business. Most people are more familiar with the subordinate role, with varying degrees of success. Each person is different, just as each situation is different, so there cannot be one technique that works uniformly. I will research the most effective ways of communicating in each role individually, as well as collaboratively, utilizing the Ashford University Library. In learning a variety of supervisor - subordinate communication methods, I will acquire an assortment of ways to communicate with my supervisor or subordinate in any given situation. I will gather a better understanding for the position of the employee I am communicating with as well as, what I have...
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