Supertaster Lab

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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| | |Supertaster Lab Write Up | | | |Section 0012 | |11/11/2010 |

Phenylthiocarbamide, also known as PTC or phenylthiourea, is an organic molecule. PTC has an unusual characteristic- it either tastes very bitter or has no taste, depending on the taster’s genetic makeup (Wolters, 2010). A ‘supertaster’ is a person who is exceptionally sensitive to a variety of tastes, particularly bitter foods. The fungiform papillae have taste buds embedded underneath the surface. They are spread out across the entire tongue, but most are along the sides and the tip of the tongue. Linda Bartoshuk is a leading scientist who is researching supertasters. She is proving correlations between taste perception and health problems (Boboila, Cristian, 2004). The question proposed in this experiment was, “Is being a supertaster related to fungiform papillae density” (Leady, 2010). My hypothesis is that if a person is a supertaster, they will have more fungiform papillae. My prediction is that supertasters will have more fungiform papillae counted in the circle than regular tasters. During this lab, all the directions were followed from the lab manual Fundamental of Life Science and as Jeff instructed. People in the class were...
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