Superstitious Beliefs: How They Affect a Believer's Faith

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Superstitious Beliefs
How Do They Affect a Believer's Faith?
Some particular adherents of various religious faiths will often argue that superstitious belief and religion are fundamentally different types of beliefs. But how do these two differ and how does one affect the other? The Roman Catholic Church has been considered the largest Christian church in the world, having more than a billion members. The church is usually what associates with the word "faith" and so the believers range from the Apostles of Jesus Christ, the founder of the church, to the bishops, priests and all individuals who consider themselves followers of Jesus up to the present time. In Asia, the 83% Catholic population of the Philippines makes the country the major Catholic country of the continent. However, the country is not only where Catholicism dominates but also a place where infinite numbers of superstitions beliefs can be found. The country's superstition and beliefs have continuously increased in volume throughout its different regions and provinces. These are believed to have come from different saying and superstitions of the Filipinos' ancestors aiming to prevent danger or to make someone refrain from doing something in specific. These beliefs have already been part of the people's culture and the influences dictated by their customs and traditions. The Filipinos' beliefs in supernatural beings and other types of superstitions are implanted in someone's way of living that starts during the pregnancy of a woman, the giving of birth, wedding and until his or her death. In the study "Pregnancy And Superstitions: A Study On Filipino Beliefs And Practices On Pregnancy," the researcher implies that advices coming from the elderly and those who experienced it are most often than not considered to be superstitious but it still remain to be very influential to those who are pregnant. Although Asians have been famous for their superstitious beliefs and practices and the passing of...
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