Topics: Luck, Superstition, Chinese New Year Pages: 7 (2754 words) Published: June 22, 2005
Human beings are superstitious especially among Chinese. If anyone who claims that he or she is not superstitious is either a liar or a fool. A lot of us believe in certain things that do not have logical explanations. This is especially true in this multi-racial country of ours. Each community has its own beliefs. It would be impossible to discuss all of the beliefs of Chinese; therefore I will just touch on some of them.
I still remember a few years ago, some of my friends and I went to a holiday in Bukit Bendera. One of friend decided to take some snapshots. So we all were dressed up and ready to be ‘shot'. We had our individual photographs taken first, and then we decided to have group photographs. But one of my friends gave us a warning that did not made up any group of three. He said that misfortune will befall one of the three if they have their photographs taken together! After listened that everyone avoided being in a group of three. Although I STUDY SKILLS IN ENGLISH SSE 131 never heard of such a thing before but after hearing it, I did not want to take the risk. Actually it spoiled the fun a bit. I felt it was difficult to believe, even photographs can be superstitious. Honestly speaking, I do not know how much truth there is in this illogical belief but I do not dare to test it. After reading this, will you still dare to have your photograph to be taken with two other people? The number three is also taboo among cigarette smokers. On occasions I have seen a group of people lighting up their cigarettes only to a maximum of two persons per lighted match. Actually the light is slowly extinguished after two persons and then person number three will use a new match. This I have to define as the belief that maybe some tragedy will strike the third person who receives a lighted match. Well, here is another belief not to be challenged. When you are having a baby, there are some beliefs especially for the Chinese pregnant ladies such as: Don't use glue when you are pregnant because it will cause a difficult birth. Another thing is if you strike an animal during pregnancy, the newborn child will look like that animal and behave like one. Remember that you should never praise a newborn baby because it will invite evil spirits and ghosts. A concave navel means a prosperous life. Usually old people will say that a baby with more than one hair crown will be mischievous and disobedient, whereas a baby with wide and thick ears will live prosperously.

STUDY SKILLS IN ENGLISH SSE 131 Before you get married, wedding clothes should be red and yellow or white. In contrast, wearing black and blue or gray will bring bad luck to the marriage. Another strong belief is couples with the same surname cannot marry; even if they are not related, they still belong to the same ancestry and never ever marry someone who is older or younger by 3 or 6 years because these will bring you back luck after you married.

The concept of Fengshui (which literally means 'wind water') refers to the mystical belief in the geographical positioning of material objects in the physical life in such a way as to be harmonious with the spiritual life as well. In other words, if your bedroom doorway faces a bathroom at the end of the hall, this may be bad 'fengshui' or bad luck because of geographical superstitions. Good Fengshui will definitely bring you a prosperous life; there are six main rules of Fengshui that you should be obeyed. First of all, the number of steps in a staircase should be even-numbered. Secondly, it is bad luck to have two room doors face each other. Thirdly, it is bad luck if your door or gate directly faces a road. Next, don't build your house facing...
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