Superstitions Speech Outline

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Superstitions Informative Speech
General Purpose – To Inform
Specific Purpose – To inform the audience of superstitions Central Idea – The origin of superstitions, the different superstitions, superstitions in religions, and why people have/create superstitions

1. “When you believe in things, That you don't understand,  Then you suffer, Superstition ain’t the way” –Stevie Wonder 2. Superstitions have been around since the earliest days of humanity a. Everyone has been superstitious

i. I used to not step on cracks
3. There are different outlooks on superstitions
b. they will help you
c. they can hurt you
d. they are sinful
ii. different religions view superstitions differently ORIGINS
1. Derived from Latin superstito but got its meaning from superstes meaning “outliving” or “surviving” a. often considered relics or outmoded ways of thinking 2. they have been around since the start of humanity

b. some have developed over centuries and were passed down by observational learning i. you don’t have to be told, you just see and learn 3. Created to deal with fear of the unknown

c. They are a way to gain control over events so you don’t feel so helpless 4. Superstitions are really just coincidences
d. Come from false pretenses of natural events
5. Deeply influences history because it affects the way people think of things e. All people have been superstitious
1. Non-religious people label religion as superstitious
a. Paranoid about the future
b. Different rituals because we think we can influence the was God decided things for our lives and others 2. A religious person in some areas might have a sacrifice to ensure good harvest c. They put the power in the hands of the deity

3. Roman Catholic Church thinks it’s sinful because you are not putting your faith in God, but instead something else...
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