Superstitions in Vietnam

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Vietnam has many customs involving superstitious activities. Some of them are: burning votive paper, meeting fortune tellers to ask for a prediction of future, especially some negative superstitions prevent some young couples from marriage because of their contrasting ages. Vietnamese people think that it is a lucky thing to pick some buds from a pagoda, receive lucky money on Tet holidays. Some people also think that if they eat tofu and peas before an exam, they would have many chances of success. Contrary to some customs considered lucky things are some phenomena or customs considered unlucky. It will be unlucky if you see a pregnant woman, eat bananas or eggs before your exam; wear black clothes in wedding and go out on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of lunar month. In Vietnam, the lucky numbers are 8 and 9, because it symbolizes prosperity and success. They don’t like number 4 because it has similar sound to the word “death”. Some people in Vietnam like go to consult fortune tellers about their future, their jobs, their love or before doing important things such as: traveling, wedding or moving to a new house. Being effecting from traditional culture and religions, many Vietnamese people believe that there would be the afterlife after their death, so there must be spirits and ghosts in their world. In fact, there are some mysterious or supernatural phenomena that our modern sciences can’t give us satisfactory explanations. As a result superstition is still existed everywhere nowadays.
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