Superstition and Special Colored Handkerchief

Topics: Luck, Superstition, Omen Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: February 8, 2014

What does superstition mean? As per the conventional definition, it's a belief which says that events are influenced by our behavior in some 'magical' way. In simple words we can say it’s “An extension of our blind beliefs”.

Do you know why auspicious days are chosen by the leaders for their oath taking ceremony,as they assume office? Why that cricketer kisses his locket on scoring a perfect 100? Why he keeps a special colored handkerchief? A simple reason answers all these questions; it’s the satisfaction and confidence they gain with their lucky charms.But the question I intend ask is: Are these superstitious acts all positive? In most cases, not so.

Today when we give stress to science and modernization, we are advising people to condemn superstitions ; but deep inside we still support these superstitions and follow them and thus knowingly or unknowingly, we are transferring a kind of 'evil' to the people.

In  areas especially- where we have illiterate masses, the practice of witchcraft, sacrificing lives of animals and men to please god and goddesses, is very common. Even a snake bite is considered as an evil omen. Whether it’s their daily life problems or a big fight, they have faith in  malpractices to work as a weapon against their enemies or to jeopardize them. People spend a lot of money on blind faith in superstition, just with the hope that these things will work and do wonders for them. 

People believe that when light rain falls during a religious ceremony, it indicates a good luck and God is pleased with the ceremony. A simple bath in the river Ganges makes them free from all the evils. But we have scientific proofs for many of  our beliefs. If we take  the example of Ganges: It has been discovered that a virus  called bacteriophage kills the harmful bacteria of human being, and makes the water pure. But my friends. have you ever given a thought about this virus factor before dipping into the Ganges? We believe things blindly and later...
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