Supersize Me Review

Topics: Super Size Me, Nutrition, McDonald's Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Morgan Spurlock starring in the new documentary ‘Super Size Me’, as the director and main star decides to try and eat McDonalds 3 times a day for a month as an experiment to see the effect it has on him. At the same time he reduces his exercise to match that of an ‘Average’ American to make the experiment fair. After the first week of being sick he begins to get addicted to the food. However not long after the doctors notice significant increases in cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure. The document also investigates what the schools and peoples knowledge of the harm done when eating foods like this including a comparison of interviews with experts and typical citizens of America about the knowledge of calories, nutrition value and the impact of McDonalds on health situations. The documentary film ‘Super Size Me’ gains significant attention over the audience. The theme of fast food intake applies to the greater part of the population worldwide. The film has based the fast food inlets around McDonalds, as a leading store. Everyday 27 million people eat McDonalds just in America and every year that grow by 1 million. There are over 524 million obese people in the world, that’s 75% of the world’s population. Obesity is a problem that society faces today, but the main problem is most people are unaware of it. ‘Supersize Me’ is relevant to everyone, they want to know what they are eating and the affect it has on them. The film uses a range of media including formal and informal interviews, animations and ‘Real Footage’. These all make it interesting for the audience to stay engaged. Morgan Spurlock sends the message of ‘Fast Foods’ out to the world in a very entertaining way. There is a bit of stereotyping used throughout, particularly towards Americans. The film stereotypes the ‘Typical American citizen’ with being ‘dumb’ and ‘Overweight’. During the interviews of random Americans on the street, they have cut out the ones that didn’t...
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