Supersize Me Movie Analysis

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Food Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Let’s analyze Spurlock’s findings: In the beginning, Spurlock’s body rejected the supersized food he ingested. As a result for overeating, he threw up. In fact, his digestive system was not used to these large quantities consumed thus it couldn’t handle it; and especially that he ate foods high in fat and sugars which correspond to foods that are hard to digest. Yet by the end of the month he craved MacDonald’s food and felt happier and calmer once he had eaten some. We here see the mental and psychological effect induced by fast food consumption. This sensation of pleasure and peace is probably due to an addictive substance that MacDonald’s use in their food to make people eat more and enjoy what they are consuming. In addition to the symptoms of addiction, Spurlock experienced a decrease in sexual energy that was noted by his girlfriend. In fact, researches have shown that high cholesterol have the ability to impact sexual performance, as well as sexual desire, especially in men. This is due to the blockage of the tiny arteries in the penis thus a poor blood flow leading to impotence and erectile dysfunction. This justifies the rapid tiring and low performance of Spurlock during his sexual activity with his girlfriend. A reason why Americans consume junk food constantly is due to economic reasons: it is cheap and fast and there isn’t a big price difference between the large and supersize meals. You pay a little bit more for a bigger proportion. This definitely leads to obesity. Still nowadays they stopped offering supersize portions. In addition, Spurlock stresses on how Macdonald’s has a great impact on the children; targeting them with ads before they realize how harmful the food is, and attracting them with free toys that come with the happy meals. Moreover, studies done on this subject show that advertisement for fast foods on television increase the desire of eating junk food instead of cooking at home. So, the sedentary life of Americans and the very...
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