Superpower Essay

Topics: AV-8B Harrier II, Harrier Jump Jet, BAE Harrier II Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: April 7, 2011
As the class walked through the factory teeming with men and women working, Sam Chang decided that he wanted to work at a computer chip manufacturer. The preciseness needed to work on chips was a quality for which many people envied Sam. He was walking so slow, taking everything in, that he didn’t notice when he dropped behind his class. “Great,” he thought to himself, “The first field trip of the year and I get lost.” Sam begun to run as he became more and more worried. He stumbled blindly through a door clearly marked; ‘Do not enter’, but Sam did not notice this. He entered the room which contained just a glass case with a single chip inside. Unfortunately, Sam couldn’t stop himself in time and tripped. His head smashed through the glass and Sam felt something pierce his head. Then everything went black. When Sam awoke, all he saw was white. He struggled to sit up, and realized that he was in a hospital. A nurse walked in, saw that Sam was awake, and asked if he wanted anything to eat. “Please say no,” Sam then heard. “Excuse me?” he replied.

“I asked if you want anything to eat,” she said, clearly annoyed. “What did you say after that?” Sam asked.
At this moment, everything came back to him, the field trip, the room, the chip. He reached up and gingerly touched his forehead, and discovered a very small and unnoticeable cut. Sam realized that something remarkable had happened to him. He could read minds. Sam decided that that he would not tell anyone about his power. He didn’t advertise it, and only used his mind-reading ability for fun. He got many laughs by using it such. But he made sure it wasn’t too obvious, though some people may have figured him out. Days passed, and then months, years, and Sam realized that he needed to use his power to help people. He had just turned 18 when the U.S. went to war. Sam joined the army as a special operations official. For the first year or so of his military career, he did nothing but train, for the army...
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