Supermarkets: Consumer Buying Food

Topics: Consumer protection, Food safety, Law Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Does the dominance of the big four supermarkets in the grocery market mean that there is an increased risk of consumers buying unsafe food? Consumer law

In order to contribute to the safe environment and set one quality for foods, UK and other European countries have some regulations to monitor and investigate on products sold to consumer. All four big supermarkets are in legal responsibility to liaise with the law, and it is very unlikely that the dominant supermarkets somehow increase the risk of buying unsafe food. List of the rules stated in The food safety act (1990) covers all the requirements which must be met by supermarkets. These contribute to consumer buying food which is safe, not modified and not hazardous to health. * Selling food not of the nature or substance or quality demanded (section 14) * Falsely describing or presenting food (15)

This section covers the legal responsibility of the provider to ensure that the product sold is exactly the product shown on the label and the quality is meeting consumer’s expectations, if not the provider shall be guilty for an offence. According to this section, the provider is forced to ensure that the product is sellable and the consumer can analyse it and use it. The section covers requirements to inform of the ingredients and structure of the product and how it was delivered, so that the consumer would be aware. * Inspection and seizure of suspected food. (9)

(1) An authorised officer of a food authority may at all reasonable times inspect any food intended for human consumption  (2) The following provisions shall also apply where, otherwise than on such an inspection, it appears to an authorised officer of a food authority that any food is likely to cause food poisoning or any disease communicable to human beings. This section of legislation covers the actions which are taken by authorities to ensure that the food is safe to use. As it is stated under subheading (1) the food inspector...
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