Topics: Tom Kenny, The Powerpuff Girls, Superhero Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Since the early 90's, there has been talk of how media violence and aggressive behaviour have affected the youth. Worried that violence was creeping into their children's lives, a group of child care centres in Melbourne have declared themselves "superhero-free zones", wherein children are prohibited from wearing any symbols or costuming of their favourite superheroes, as well as pretending to be or have any super powers. They claim that today's superheroes aren't suitable for today's children, and "cause their imaginations to be stretched in potentially harmful ways." Where will these day-care police draw the line? If a kid can't be Superman or Spiderman, can he be Buzz Light-year? Is SpongeBob Square pants a threatening archetype? Superheroes aren’t the villains they’re made out to be. As a role model, Spiderman spins an empowering web, both literally and figuratively. This is because he claims all his superhuman abilities are the results of "working out, getting plenty of rest, and you know, eating your green vegetables". Just what mom always told you, right? Spiderman also wakes up each day with a goal, a desire to give himself unconditionally to helping those in need. He realizes the fact that “With great power comes great responsibility”, a concept that is key in today’s society as the youth become more empowered. It was sugar and spice and everything nice- and an accidental dash of Chemical X, which made The Powerpuff girls into perfect little girls whose specialty is saving the world before bedtime. However, there are those who are a little sceptical and seem to believe that “sugar and spice” is a much darker innuendo than we want to believe. After all, the Powerpuff girls are good role models for young girls, especially when we take into consideration the fact that they are strong female characters capable of rational thought and conflict resolution. The Powerpuff Girl’s showcases a world free of stereotypes and exhibit's the female role in such a world,...
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