Superhero and Peter Parker

Topics: Superhero, Spider-Man, Stan Lee Pages: 4 (1672 words) Published: January 16, 2013
It was in 1962 when the first story in a comic book of one of the most famous super heroes ever appeared in popular culture. We talk about Spider-Man, created by the team of cartoonists Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, whose stories were part of the Marvel series. The purpose of this brief study that follows is to analyze the character of this super-hero, to try to understand why he was so different, what made ​​him unique, and try to understand why his fame. Spider-Man was actually a young man named Peter Parker, a teenager like any other. His main problems were the same like other adolescents, starting in love problems and also money problems faced by his grandparents, with who he lives. One day is bitten by a spider during a scientific experiment, but wasn’t a normal spider. After this, he noticed he gained some strange powers that give him abilities similar from a spider, like the ability to climb walls with the greatest of ease and even bring up cobwebs of his wrists. Thanks to this, he has enough speed and invincibility to be a superhero and eventually become known for its suit red and blue, which covers the entire body including his face. But what have this superhero which represents a novelty in relation to other comic book super heroes? Let’s try to remind us of other super heroes. The most famous of all is perhaps Superman, because it was the first comic book hero to be created. The Superman in his early stages represented American ideals of goodness, justice and ability to win. It is true that this hero, Clark Kent, is a common man, an American every day, not always handy, and only when he changes his suit wins his super powers. But either this, the public continues to look for the Super-Man as a character clearly superior to humans. In the end, he even came from planet Earth, but from Krypton. He didn’t belong to the human race, was foreign to her and he was also superior to it. Batman, the bat man who chases the criminals of Gotham City, is just...
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