Superfluous Man

Topics: Georgia, Russia, Caucasus Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: December 4, 2012
"Hero of our time" is the story about a young nobleman whose name is Pechorin. At the beginning of the story we see that the narrator is traveling in the cart along the military road back from Tiflis. On the road he is meeting an old captain of the Russian army. Through their discussion the old captain, Maxim Maximich, starts to narrate the story about a young soldier, Pechorin who was sent to Caucasus as a punishment for his duel with another man. Maxim Maximich and Pechorin became good friends. One day Pechorin came to assist on a Caucasian wedding. In this wedding he falls in love with a little sister of the bride, Bella. He kidnaps her with the help of her brother. Pechorin locks Bella in his room and is forcing her to fall in love with him and give her to him physically. After some time, Bella eventually falls in love with Pechorin and is ready to give her to him but Pechorin became more and more distant. She fears that he is no longer in love with her. At the end of the first story she is kidnapped by a man. Pechorin and Maxim Maximch are attempting to save her from be kidnapped, but Pechorin is arriving too late and Bella is killed by the kidnapper. After these events Pechorin is leaving. Later on in the story the narrator is witnessing the meeting between Maxim Maximich and Pechorin. We can see the exact opposite of two men, one who’s extremely happy about the meeting the other one arrogant and want to end this meeting as soon as possible. Through the entire story we can remark how the narrator, who's been the author himself, is describing Caucasus and the people who are leaving in. His describing very positively the place where he is and very beautiful: "All around it tower awesome mountains, reddish crags draped with hanging ivy and crowned with clusters of plane trees, yellow cliffs grooved by torrents, with a gilded fringe of snow high above". It's given me the will to go and visit those beautiful places. But in the same time we can see some sort...
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