Superdry Group Report

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Superdry Group Report
Superdry is a clothing company inspired by a trip to Tokyo in 2003. They aim to create clothing that incorporates 3 cultures: Japanese, American and British. They manage to do so by merging together British tailoring with Americana design, with subtle hints of Japanese characters. As a result, Superdry is a unique clothing brand with an exceptional amount of detail, leading to it being a very popular brand for those 16-35. Another aspect that has made the brand so popular is the fact that many celebrities have been pictured wearing the brand. The most famous of these is probably David Beckham who was snapped wearing their “Brad” leather jacket, which then went on to sell 77,000 in just 2 years. This report aims to look at Superdry as a whole, in four parts, and then finishing with a conclusion. The whole report will relate to the Boddy framework to highlight and analyse some of the current problems facing the company. Each section will aim to be around 500 words (Introduction, Part A, B, C + D, and the Conclusion), taking the report to a total of 3000 words. Part A of the report will include a brief background of the business, location of the business, the products of the companies and what markets it operates in. It will also look at the company’s distinctive features and will analyse its performance. Part B will then use the Boddy framework to analyse the key forces in the competitive environment, looking mainly at suppliers, competitors, distributors and customers. Continuing on from B, Part C will analyse the key forces in the general environment of the Boddy framework that have an influence on the business. Based on the assessment of Part B+C, Part D will then analyse the future prospects of the company. The conclusion will then look at the main findings of Part A-D, and summarise the main points of interest. Part A

SuperGroup, Superdry’s parent company, was founded in 1985 when Julian Dunkerton and a former business partner set up Cult Clothing. The first Cult store was opened in Cheltenham and due to the success of the store; many more were opened up, mainly in university towns. In 2003, the Superdry brand was born. Dunkerton teamed up with former designer of Bench clothing, James Holder, to create the iconic brand that most people know and love today. Due to the success of Superdry clothing in Cult stores, it was decided that it should be sold in its own independent stores, as of 2004. When it was clear that Superdry had potential to succeed at home and abroad, Theo Karpathios was introduced as another partner to help set up the groups UK and international wholesale business. In an attempt to continue to grow and expand, SuperGroup successfully undertook a flotation on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) in March, 2010. Today, Superdry operates in 91 countries all over Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Superdry sells products for both men and women, but they do not sell kids clothing. This is because they think that if you were to see a kid in their clothing you would no longer feel good about wearing their brand and stop buying it. They sell t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, polo tops, jeans, footwear and accessories. The most popular of their products is probably the “Windcheater” jacket which prices at about £70. Superdry themselves do not have sales in their stores or on their websites, but it is possible to get discounted products in other shops or on their e-bay store which looks to sell last season’s goods at a cheaper price. Superdry also does not advertise as they do not want to appeal to a mass market, as they want to appear as a premium brand of clothing. Famous celebrities such as David Beckham, Pixie Lott and Zac Efron have all been pictured wearing the brand, and as such a mass market is likely. Looking at it another way, you could say that Superdry do not advertise, as they do not have to, with all of these celebrities wearing their products. Superdry does well against their...
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