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Topics: Trojan War, Agamemnon, Helen Pages: 16 (5639 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Euripides IV - Iphigenia in Aulis p. 217 - 300 (83 pages)

All info up to 230 was lost. Just follow highlighted areas.

---- May fill in these blanks later--- RECALL THE INTRODUCTION

p 231

A lot more politically themed. Menelaus is accusing Agamemnon of feigning humility in order to gain political power and “market advancement.”He says he's abandoned his old friends. ;/He is also saying that Agamemnon was marveled at the idea of manning so many ships to TroyThe lack of winds put th efleet at an impasse. Agamemnon felt he'd lose his glory if the fleet would instead have to turn back now. The only way to restore his name was to sacrifice his daughter. This is why he chose to kill his daughter. He is at odds with his own decision, however. The guilt lingers on his mind, but Menelaus tells him he cannot go back on his word. (Perhaps this is like the moral from the Odyssey in how no suitors were spared even if they were decent men—because the participated).p. 232At first, Agamemnon had no hesitation and was relieved at the prospect of murdering his daughter to restore his name and continue onto Troy.“willingly—not by compulsion” - under the pretext that Iphigenia will marry Achilles.Two sides of the story, from Agamemnon to the Old Man, to Menelaus. TOPIC“Thousands have done what you have done.” To rise up in power and then fall from grace... Huh. Menelaus is really trying to weigh on his brother's conscience and ego.To protect his daughter or the Achaeans? To Menelaus, every Greek was willing and ready for war, but it is only Agamemnon that stalled and prevented the Greeks from setting sail. In his argument, he is setting one life, Iphigenia's less costly than the will of the Greeks. Honestly, he is being selfish because the war is all over his woman. He doesn't consider the blood justice this will incurr upon Agamemnon, he merely cares ab out his own Agenda and props guilt up against his brother.“I groan for Greece in her affliction.” Why is this an affliction of the entire land when it spawned from something so specific and personal only to Menelaus? Honor is a corrupt thing. “|For she was ready to act with honor.” The entire war was a misstep.TOPIC – The tragedy of the Trojan war – why the entire war was meaningless and caused more grief than relief.

Menelaus invokes the idea of honor heavily here. Speaking of Agamemnon's resistance to sacrifice his daughter, making her a mockery.What is Menelaus' defintiion of understanding? One sacrifice for the good of the nation?- 233 Agamemnon tells Menelaus that this ordeal concerning Helen is his own problem, and he cannot help it.“Should I pay the price. For these ar eyour sins, when I am innocent?”Remember that it is said that Agamemnon was more successful than Menelaus before the war, yet Menelaus became very famed after the war.Agamemnon makes a great point here; least of all does he seem complacent to Menelaus.Agamemnon seems to represent a more progressive viewpoint here. That he may change, that one is not always stationary in their frame of mind.He says that the only reason the Greeks fight is because of the oath to Tyndareus. HE voices that a god inspired this mission, not any influence from Menelaus.“I will not kill my children” An oath bound in evil.His sacrifice would cause him immense grief. “I will order my affairs in decency and honor” I suppose it is a taint on his family's honor if he kills Iphigenia.-234The Chorus say that Agamemnon's tone has changed noticeably since he first vowed to sacrifice his child. Menelaus is so selfish.I feel compassionate for Agamemnon at the moment.This is just an extension of Menelaus's agenda, and it is also because of the oath suitors swore to Tyndareus regarding Helen's courtship. How can this possibly involve the entire nation?- 235The Messenger Enters and brings Agamemnon's daughter Iphigenia, Orestes, and Clytemnestra.Everyone is...
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