Superbowl Commercial

Topics: Audi, Prom, Audi S6 Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The commercial starts out with a young boy in a tuxedo staring at himself when his mother comes in the room wearing a tan shirt, complimenting how good he looks. The boy rolls his eyes and shows a look of disapproval. The mother notices that her son is feeling upset, so she tells him to not feel bad, and that many students go to prom by themselves, but from the kitchen, his little sister who is coloring at the table replies, “no they don’t.” The mother fixes her son’s black bowtie as he makes his way towards the front door. As he grabs the door handle, his father comes from the other room and calls for his son. When the boy turned around, the father tossed him his car keys to a silver 2013 Audi S6. The boy catches them with one hand, and shows a look of shock. His father then tells him to have fun tonight with a nod of approval.

The next scene shows the front of the Audi S6 in a dark garage, making it hard to see the car. The boy starts it up, and the Audi’s LED headlights light up the garage, while the house is woken by the engine’s roar. The boy smiles for the first time, and caresses the steering wheel with pure envy and a feeling of confidence. As the boy is driving towards his prom, he comes up to a red light with a limousine already waiting at the light. When he pulls up to the light, a young girl reaches halfway out the limo’s window yelling, “PROM!” The boy looks over at her, and then turns his focus back to the red light. The camera moves outside of the interior to give another view of the car as the boy pushes the pedal and takes off, leaving the limo to only appreciate the taillights.

When the boy makes it to the school where the prom is being held, he parks his father’s car in the principle’s spot without any regard for authority. While walking away from the car, he locks it without looking back to make sure it locked, but the viewers can see the signal lights blink to show it locked.

The boy walks down the hall by himself while the tune ‘Can’t...
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