Superbowl Ad's

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Super Bowl Ad Critique
In the Calvin Klein ad, “Concept,” we the viewers get to behold an oiled up and jacked Serbian dude, as he progresses though his daily morning routine: flexing, stretching, and, naturally, running sprints in his underwear. Despite the fact that this Ad eerily represents my exact morning routine, I liked it because it is a classic representation of semiotics and mythology. Filmed in a dramatic black and white filter, every muscle in his body is clearly defined and highlighted. The man in the ad signifies desirable qualities such as youth, health, and fitness, all of which signify male perfection or desirability. Additionally, another subtle, yet powerful sign Calvin Klein uses in this ad are the cut scenes. If you watch closely, you might notice that amidst the models self-righteous no pants dance, for brief* moments, the ad quickly flashes to an image of what appears to be rotating gears. As the gears rotate, thick liquid drips and cascades through the inner workings of the revolving gadget. The ad cleverly lines the two images up so that the model, and the gears, could appear to have the same functionality. Possibly leading the audience to associate the chiseled man to a well-oiled machine. Calvin Klein is notorious for using images of athleticism and youth as the myth that convinces their target audience, males age 18 to 30, to buy their product. I think the ad does a good job of reaching the target audience particularly with the machine metaphor. In addition to reaching their target audience, I think they also reached another target audience, women ages 16-40, who might have been stimulated by the eye candy, and were then encouraged to buy their boyfriend or husbands some new tighty whitey’s.

Audi really hit their stride over the years when it comes to advertising. Seemingly, they have made it a point to target the younger, more technologically savvy generation, a bold move for a luxury car company, but it’s worked. Projecting a...
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