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Security for Super Bowl XLVII

On February 3, 2013, the biggest, grandest, most-watched single event in American sports is coming to New Orleans. (Tourism) New Orleans as celebrated plenty of milestones on its slow road to recovery from Hurricane Katrina, but arguably none is bigger than hosting its first Super Bowl since the 2005 storm left the city in shambles. (Kunzelman) As fans prepare to travel to cheer for their favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens arrive in the city and prepare to face off in the 47th Annual Super Bowl championship. Yet, perhaps the biggest preparation for this major event is that of the city itself. For months, the city of New Orleans has been preparing to ensure the safety of fans, players, and workers during what is arguably the most popular sporting event in the nation. (Hicks) Meanwhile, the city also has a number of festivities related to a local and approaching holiday, Mardi Gras. Thus, in order to ensure the best safety measures are in place as these two major festivities and related activities are taking place in the city, local law enforcement has had to rely on the help of state and federal law enforcement. For a long time, the city has worked with local, state, and federal law enforcement to prepare for the number of people drawn to the city for both ongoing festivities. The security precautions include securing of aerial space, land, and port authority. The following details some of the measures local, state, and federal law enforcement is implementing in order to provide safety and security to everyone in the city. The 47th Annual Super Bowl between the top two teams in the National Football League is coming back to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the first time since before Hurricane Katrina. Local law enforcement has been working diligently to set up security for the fans, workers, tourists, and New Orleans natives. According to NBC news, security leaders say the Super Bowl ranks just beneath national security events. Once at the Dome, you will be wanded and may be subject to pat-downs before going in. Plain-clothed officers will be on the streets, planes will be flying overhead to monitor the crowd and satellite technology will be used for live-time monitoring. (McGill) Local law enforcement is receiving lots of support from the state as the prepare for weeks of ongoing festivities which will attract many to the city and heightening security measures. (McGill) As New Orleans will be hosting the Super Bowl and it will be running in the middle of the Mardi Gras celebration, a major tourist attraction for the city. “For the past nine months city, state, and federal official have been quietly planning the security for three weeks of events associated with the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras” said retired Marine Corps Col Terry Ebbert, New Orleans former homeland Security Chief. As all the agencies will be controlling all sources of transportation such as aviation, maritime, and land. Super Bowl in the city of New Orleans should make New Orleans the safest city in America that day. According to Nola.Com (Hodge 1) the Super Bowl 2013 may draw close to a one million people in and around New Orleans, so the state is taking precautions and setting up the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), which will join federal, state and local public safety agencies. GOHSEP will activate its Crisis Action Team Wednesday to monitor public safety issues, coordinate assistance and resources being provided to the area, and respond to requests from New Orleans and other affected local governments, should the need for additional state support arise. (Hodge 1) The governor’s office on homeland security and its partner agencies stand ready to assist New Orleans should an emergency occur, Christina Stephens, executive management officer for the state’s homeland security office said in a news release. A mobile command unit will be set up in...
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