Super Size Me Essay

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, Food Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: May 21, 2013
SuperSize Me Essay
1) SuperSize Me shows that the food industry is to blame for the obesity epidemic in America. Do you agree? –Agree. Throughout the film, SuperSize Me shows that the food industry is to blame for the obesity epidemic in America. After watching the film, one would evidently come to terms with the fact that these industries are to blame. Spurlock presents information, outlining that these companies are only out to get your dollar, regardless of how they achieve their profits. As they continue to grow, these fast food industries find new ways to mass produce their food, quickly and cheaply. This in turn, sacrifices the quality of the food, as SuperSize Me emphasizes the cheap and health threatening ingredients they inject into their food though cartoons and other visual aids to help illustrate. Advertising also plays a major role in the companies’ scheme to inculcate their messages in your thinking, so you buy their product the next time you pass their stores. The film also goes on to highlight that the convenience of these stores along with the addictive elements appended to them, will only have a short term effect on the consumer, stating if these “trends” continue for the average obese American, the average obese American may not be around for much longer. As one of the highlights of the film, SuperSize Me continually brings up the danger of fast foods has on our health. Spurlock shows the audience this each time he goes for his regular check up with his recruited army of doctors. Each time he attends, his heath clearly declines from its point of origin when the only dependent variable changing his body, is the food he consumes. Until the end of his diet, his ‘glorified’ poor health is accentuated through the words of his health experts as a result of the food he had been consuming. From a point of view outlining film technique, Spurlock ‘intimidates’ the audience with a disturbing 20 lbs. (9kg) jar full of fat placed on the table. This was a...
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