Super Size Me Essay

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  • Published : September 4, 2012
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at the beggining of the film the film maker morgan spurlock has decided to begin super size me with the kids singing he has used this technique to appeal to a young audience. they use this song at the beggining of the film to suggest the problem of obesity and fast food starts with children and also suggests that fast food is aimed at children. The irnoic thing about the quote by Ray Kroc is that he suggests corruption within the fast food industry it reveals the audience some truths. this is used at the beggining to hook the audience also to show how unhealthy fast foods like Mcdonalds is. morgan spurlock uses various techniques to get his point over and some of them are catchy music, location footage, voice over narration, graphics, annimation, titles, facts, data, cutaways, longer shot of newspapers and interviews and there are many other techniques used to convey but that all comes later in the film. Morgan Spurlock tried to prove a point and i think that he did now they dont have super sizing which is a good thing..this enables people to eat less and not get fat. Morgan Spurlock even showed his girlfriend who is a vegan and she didnt seem so happy about him doing it but she didnt mind and neither did he and he took on the thirty day challenge. there were many rules including he was only able to super size when the asked him to, he was only able to get all three meals for a day from mcdonalds including water and also he was meant to eat everything in the menu in mcdonalds. at the end of the movie he showed the salads and said that mcdonalds salads have more calories than anyother in mcdonalds which is a bad thing. in my point of view i personally think that this is a good movie although i dont eat much of fast food. it shows people how stressed they can get when they get obese and could even have a chance of dying leaving their friends and family behind. and also could have financial consequences due to them being have led to diseases and having to pay...
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