Super Size Me

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  • Published : November 5, 2008
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Daniel Jones

Ms. Windahl
ENG 1113

December 14 2007

Fast Food is Fat Food
As the worlds fattest nation, we are also the worlds largest producer of “Fast Food.” Restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing, and Wendy’s do most the cooking for our families these days. In his documentary Morgan Spurlock takes a radical approach as he attempts to convince us that fast food is directly responsible for our status as the Worlds fattest country. By appealing to the 3 aspects of the rhetorical triangle, logos, ethos, and pathos, his documentary is very persuasive.

As the movie begins we are immediately introduced to our main character and narrator, Mr. Morgan Spurlock. In fact even as the beginning credits are rolling they are accompanied by pictures of him as a child, with his very average looking family. He begins to give information about where he is from, and he explains his lifestyle as a child growing up. He tells of how his mom cooked every night and eating out was a rarity, and special treat. These things are addressed before any claim is made about fast food. After the very humble introduction, Spurlock begins with the facts about America. He explains to us that our nation is the fattest nation per capita, in the entire world. He also explains that we are the largest consumers of fast food products, hinting at a connection between the two. Then comes his proposal, in order to convince us of the direct connection between the rising trend in substituting fast food for a home cooked meal, and our nations status as “Fattest Country in the World” Spurlock is going to engage in a 30 day McDonalds only binge diet. The details of his diet are simple. He must eat three whole meals a day, including the main item, a drink, and a side item. He must consume every item of his meal, and every item must be on the McDonalds menu. Outside food or drink was prohibited. Also whenever he is asked if he would like to super-size his meal, he must accept. Next he...
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