Super Hero Essay

Topics: Water polo, Polo, Water polo ball Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Quinson’s superhero is like a psycho looking doctor. He has a really big syringe in which he can inject fluids into someone either to revive him or to further strengthen him. The fluid heals people of his wounds; hence his name Dr. Feelgood. The fluid is a stimulus that triggers one’s hormones to make changes to his body to the superhuman extent. As a result, one receives superhuman strength, agility, endurance, speed, intelligence, senses, and reflexes. It also increases one’s mental processing of that of a super computer. The fluid can revive people by resetting the heart’s pacemaker with a 100% success rating. The fluid also contains an unknown protein to mankind. The body uses the protein to make new bacteria that repair and rebuild torn flesh, skin and tissues. Dr. Feelgood is inspired by my desire to major somewhere in the medical field. I want to save lives of people as well as make them live a healthier and happier life; hence Dr. Feelgood’s ability to revive as well as make someone stronger. When I grow up, I want to make people’s lives better and hopefully inspire someone to take the path of saving lives.

Chris’s hero resembles a water polo player. Chris’s superhero name is Tank Defender because Chris is the goalie for the water polo team. The water polo superhero pretty much looks like Chris himself. Chris is the goalie for the water polo team so it only makes sense that his superhero is the Trouble Trio’s ultimate defense. His powers and weapons are his skin and his water polo ball. His skin absorbs damage inflicted on him preventing him from feeling any pain nor receive any wounds. His water polo ball he carries around is actually an energy bomb that emits a force field upon impact. At the aftermath of the explosion, the force field is emitted at a 500 yard radius around the center of the detonation. The bomb doesn’t affect his teammates. His water polo ball is used to damage as well as trap an enemy inside the force field or to protect his team...
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