Super Glue Using Orange Peelings

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“Super Glue Using Orange Peel” aims to solve improper waste disposal while making the resulting product useful to students. For the past years, many Filipinos were devastated by floods. Many lives have been lost, properties damaged, and businesses closed due to floods brought about by heavy rains, storms and landslides. Authorities blamed people for improper disposal of waste materials resulting to the clogging of drainages by plastics, polystyrene and other non-biodegradables. Many landfills were filled by these non-biodegradables that can last forever. This group focuses on polystyrene since people are having difficulty in recycling this material. The properties of polystyrene that make it a useful material – light weight, low cost, and durable, make it also hard to recycle.

Procedures Used:

The three key factors of recycling materials, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle or 3R’s, will be the main guide in this process, emphasizing on recycling polystyrene and orange peels and produce super glue. Combining these materials were based on characteristics as discussed in several researches and studies.


The output is superglue, useful to students like us.


From this study, we can say that each material has its own characteristics, that may or may not complement each other. Before we combine things to produce a by-product, we need to know the characteristics and test their compatibility.

In this study, we found out that the acid contained in the orange peel is the only acid that can melt polystyrene. Melted polystyrene is very sticky and a very good source for glue.

Chapter 1

Background of the Study

The frequent occurrence of floods in our country devastating many Filipinos, open our eyes to think of ways how we can help. Our help may not instantly solve the problem on floods and waste disposal. But the collaborative effort of each student in a household might be a good beginning to create awareness within the family.

This group decided to focus on recycling polystyrene since people are having difficulty in recycling this material. This is because the properties of polystyrene that make it a useful material – light weight, low cost, and durable, make it also hard to recycle. Polystyrene is very light in weight and therefore, the cost of transporting this to a recycling plant will mean problem. Imagine the volume one has to carry for selling just a kilogram or two of polystyrene materials. Also, polystyrene used in food packaging is usually contaminated and would require cleaning before the actual process of recycling.

This group decided to study how we can recycle polystyrene in our respective homes and be part of the solution of the country’s problem, garbage.

Statement of the Problem/Objectives

General Objectives

This study aims to give answer to the problem of recycling polystyrene in each household, thus eliminating the problem of unnecessary disposal of these materials.

Specific Objectives

In the process of recycling polystyrene, this study also aims to produce worthy and useful products that will be used by every student, thus, minimizing the school expenses in each household.

It is a known fact that each household with a child/children already studying requires additional income in order to support the increasing expenses regarding school projects and other school related activities. This group aims to develop a product that will replace one of the most sought out school supplies of every student. This little thing is called “glue’, a school supply that is needed in every artwork, school projects and other related activities.


Polystyrene or more commonly known as Styrofoam can still be recycled and produced in other worthy forms that will benefit every household.

Polystyrene can be melted by special form of acid from the...
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