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Question Excerpt From Management Information System Chapter 1 Q.1) | People used to be the most important asset for a company. But in the information age, companies need people with:| | |

A.| Data|

B.| Information|

C.| Knowledge|

D.| Computers|

Q.2) | Facts about online banking and telecommuting include all these except:| | |

A.| They heavily depend on using communications technologies|

B.| They benefit from the ability to share information between companies and customers|

C.| They create anti-social tendencies, which go hand in hand with more air pollution|

D.| They are possible due to the expansion of decentralized computing|

Q.3) | Processed ______________________ is also called ______________, while the most raw elements of facts and figures are known as ______________.| | |

A.| Data; Knowledge; Information|

B.| Information; Data; Knowledge|

C.| Information; Knowledge; Data|

D.| Knowledge; Data; Information|

Q.4) | The fact that you are able to receive a video clip sent by your friend while having your lecture in class, through your hand phone, shows the __________________ dimensions of information.| | |

A.| Time and form|

B.| Form and time|

C.| Location and form|

D.| Personal and organizational|

Q.5) | Which of the following represents the flow of information between the HR manager and the Marketing manager?| | |

A.| Upward flow|

B.| Downward flow|

C.| Horizontal flow|

D.| Outward flow|

Q.6) | An information-literate knowledge worker will be able to ______________, while a technology-literate knowledge worker will always be able to _______________.| | |

A.| Define what information they need; define what technology he/she needs|

B.| Know how and where to obtain that information; create new technology when required|

C.| Understand information before they even receive it; understand how technology affects him/her|

D.| Act appropriately based on the information; know how and when to use technology|

Q.7) | Decentralized computing occurs when computing power is distributed to functional business areas and knowledge worker desktops.  Decentralized computing is made possible by:| | |

A.| Inexpensive knowledge workers|

B.| Inexpensive PCs|

C.| Decreasing network speeds|

D.| Increasing costs of electricity|

Q.8) | Which of the following items is the primary tool used by organizations to support shared information?| | |

A.| PDA|

B.| Database|

C.| Application|

D.| None of the above|

Q.9) | A computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization is:| | |

A.| Management Information Systems|

B.| Computer Security|

C.| Collaboration System|

D.| Information Technology|

Q.10) | What is power in the information age?|
| |

A.| Data|

B.| Knowledge|

C.| Computer|

D.| None of the above|

Q.11) | The success of telecommuting depends on what?|
| |

A.| Suitability of profession|

B.| Discipline|

C.| Availability of technology|

D.| All of the above|

Q.12) | Which of the following is not a reason that information is important?| | |

A.| Information is one of the three key components of MIS|

B.| Knowledge can be a source of income|

C.| We are in the information age|

D.| Knowledge comes from having timely access to information and knowing what to do with it|

Q.13) | Business Intelligence includes which of the following?| | |

A.| Knowledge about your internal environment|

B.| Knowledge about your external environment|

C.| Knowledge about your competitive environment|

D.| All of the above|

Q.14) | Which term describes electronic commerce...
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