Super Bowl Advertising Analysis

Topics: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Karl Benz Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Pick an ad that you consider highly effective and an ad that you consider ineffective and comment on each

For many years Superbowl is often the most watched television program of the year. The large number of audience gives the companies a great marketing opportunity. Even though the cost of advertising in Superbowl is high, it is considered a good investment.

Effective commercial: Volkswagen Passat Ad

A small child is shown in a cute Darth Vader costume going around the house trying to use the force on a doll, family dog and washer-dryer. But he fails and just before giving up he tries his force on his dad’s car. He manages to start the car with this force but it is his dad who starts the car with a remote starter. The child is adorable when he thinks he pulled off his trick. The dad is proud of the feature in Volkswagen Passat. It is a great Father-Son moment that is captured really well in the ad.

Ineffective Commercial: Audi

I could not figure out till the end of the commercial that it is for a Car. Audi presented a commercial that is rich in concept and gloss but it is too long. There is a prison in which there are a bunch of prisoners wearing jackets and smoking cigars in lushly decorated cells with sofas. This is some kind of special prison for wealthy people. Two prisoners try to escape and the guards try catching them in different ways. As a last attempt to catch the prisoners the guards release the hounds. It was really funny instead of using attack dogs to catch prisoners they used hounds. But the prisoners jump of a high wall and try to escape in a car. A prison guard, disguised as a chauffeur, opens the door of Mercedes Benz as a way of catching them. One prisoner falls for the trap and other prisoner goes for the Audi for this successful escape. Then the title “Escape the confines of old luxury” is shown.

Who are the target customers that...
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