Sunway Berhad

Topics: Bandar Sunway, Sunway University College, Selangor Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: March 21, 2012
If you are director in the company, what do you think about CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility )?. Can it be implemented by your company ?. If possible, what kind of CSR activities would you implement ? . If not possible, please state 10 reasons.

In general, Corporate Social Responsibility can be described as an approach by which a company: * recognises that its activities have a wider impact on the society in which it operates and that developments in society in turn impact on its ability to pursue its business successfully. * actively manages the economic, social, environmental and human rights impact of its activities across the world, basing these on principles which reflect international values, reaping benefits both for its own operations and reputation as well as for the communities in which it operates. * seeks to achieve these benefits by working closely with other groups and organisations - local communities, civil society, other businesses and home and host governments. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a critical part of the Sunway Group for the past three decades. Sunway Group company is one that instils and celebrates the culture of giving to society. The Group recognises the significance of developing and harnessing human capital excellence in driving the development and growth of the company, the community and our country. Winning the Anugerah PMCSR is a form of encouragement for The Group as it has truly brought CSR to an entirely new level. Sunway Group also has been recognised for outstanding achievements in CSR. The Sunway Group’s CSR programmes are wide-spread and aim to protect and promote human capital excellence above and beyond the company. In enhancing human capital excellence through education, if I the director of Sunway Group, I would implement the programmes which is: * Raising the level and standards of education in the country * Providing for the less fortunate members of the community....
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