Sunsilk Promotion Strategy

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Advertising is known as any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, product, service, idea or cause by an identified sponsor. Sunsilk company has done various advertisement. One of the most frequent advertisement is newspapers. Sunsilk mostly advertises their products through newspapers and flyers. The advantage of using newspaper is very effective to communicate with large audience which actually mean that newspapers are being read by almost all the citizen whether at home, at restaurant, at a coffee shop or etc. Besides, sunsilk products are also being advertised through mass media (television). This can be an effective way to create brand images and symbolic appeals. For examples, the product can straighten the hair of model and resolve many bad conditions of hair. Sunsilk do also faces disadvantages where they had to look after the production cost for the advertisements.

ii)Sales promotion

Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service. Sunsilk company promotes their products in many ways. For instance, it offers consumers with products 2 in 1 pack with lower price. Besides, Sunsilk also give out free packs or small bottles of sample to consumer together with the shampoo they purchase. This to be said as promotions is to target the ultimate users of Sunsilk. Besides, it also targets the retailers, wholesalers or distributors of the brand. This is when the marketing intermediaries carries activities like value packs (as mentioned above), trade shows and price deals.

iii)Public relations
Public relations aims to build good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favourable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories and events. Public relation can have a strong impact on public awareness at a much lower cost than advertising can....
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