Sunsilk Marketing Report

Topics: Marketing, Psychographic, Market segmentation Pages: 7 (2604 words) Published: October 4, 2011
1.0 Situation Analysis / Current Marketing Mix
2.1 Current Product
The benefit that Sunsilk brings towards its customers lies in the fact that it has an established brand name, in fact the most established in many countries. It also provides variant solutions for different hair care needs and provides a range of product lines (cream shampoos, liquid shampoos, conditioners, tonics, etc) that answer to the complete needs of its customers. In addition, the product mix is also very prevalent as Sunsilk is able to provide various creations of every product that it has, in terms of smell, usage and other variables. (Unilever, no date) The core product that the customer is buying is clean and healthy hair. With regards to the actual product, the packaging and labeling of Sunsilk products includes its sleek containers, distinguished and striking colours for every hair care solution which make them very easy to remember. In addition, one feature or attribute of the product is that they are each created ban expert. The augmented aspect of it is the fact that the packaging is nicely integrated, assurance of proper hair treatment is guaranteed and an after-sales service which is observed to answer all the customers’ needs. (Sunsilk Hair Products, no date) The users of Sunsilk’s products are end consumers or individuals who buy the products in order to satisfy their personal demands. As Sunsilk products are pretty much considered as a convenience product that is frequently purchased, they are available almost at any major super market that is within close proximity with home neighborhoods. Hence, comparatively, only minimum effort and time are needed in order to purchase Sunsilk’s products as they are readily available in many places. Sunsilk, however, can be easily substituted by the products of its competitors, such as Dove, Herbal Essence and Pantene. However, Sunsilk has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors by having high product awareness among its customers by being well-renowned for its accomplishments. It also increases its attractiveness by coming up with different makes and models that can treat various hair problems, such as anti dandruff, hair fall, straight protection and many others. By distinguishing itself in terms of these aspects, Sunsilk is able to increase its attractiveness and become less easily substitutable by its competitors’ products. 2.2 Current Pricing

The kind of competitive market that Sunsilk is competing in is one with pure competition, whereby every competitor in the market is a price taker and confined to a ‘going price’. In this type of market, sellers are not able to easily control their prices as pricing items at relatively high rates would induce buyers to simply purchase from another competitor. This is due to the fact that Sunsilk’s products are fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) and have very low consuming cost, making it hard for the sellers to price at excessive charges for certain products and still maintain the same level of market share. A change in price will definitely affect the demand for Sunsilk’s products because there are many substitutes for Sunsilk’s products. Sunsilk’s products are not exactly distinctive in nature and its quality is not at that sufficient level for it to have an inelastic effect for prices on demand. Currently, Sunsilk’s prices are on the same level with those of its competitors as its products are mass market products and cannot be priced to differently with its competitors. In fact, it has been observed that Sunsilk’s prices are lower as compared to mid premium products such as Asience or L’oreal. (Scribd, no date) Sunsilk’s consumers base their purchasing decisions on price and product image. Hence, sellers in this market should be careful when it comes to pricing their products and establishing their product images. No seller in this market has direct control over prices such that it can overprice its products yet still...
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