Sunsilk in Bangladesh

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Marketing Plan Of


Prepared for:
Asif Mahfuz
Adjunct Faculty of School Of Business
University Of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
Username: Sabrin Trisha
Password: ZX7Yoxd05bpP

Prepared By:
Student’s Name| Student’s Id|
Sabrina Haque| 102011026|

Course Name : Principles of Marketing
Course Code : BUS 206
Section : 04
Submission Date : 30 May, 2012
Spring 2012
Letter of Transmittal
5 May, 2012
Mr. Asif Mahfuz
Adjunct Faculty of School Of Business
University Of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
House # 56, Road # 4/A (Satmosjid Road)
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205

Dear Sir;
Subject: Submission of the Final Report on “Sunsilk(hair care consumer product”. We are very glad to submit the report on “Sunsilk” that you have assigned. This is our report where we have tried to find out the key factors that you assigned upon us. This report extends our knowledge and will help us in the future. Thank you very much for giving us such kind of opportunity to enrich our knowledge and skills under your observation. We would like to thank you for your valuable guidance in every problem we had and the precious time that you gave us. We will be available for any further clarifications required. Sincerely,

Student’s Name| Student’s Id| Signature|
Sabrina Haque| 102011026| |
Farhana Rahman| 102011009| |
Farhan Tanvir| 102011014| |
Sharmin Sultana| 102011008| |

Table of contents
Sl. No| Title| Page No|
| Executive Summary| |
1| Background of Sunsilk a) History b) Milestone| 78| 2| Company Analysis of Sunsilk| 10|
3| Mission of Sunsilk| 11|
4| Vision of Sunsilk| 11|
5| Goal of Sunsilk| 11|
6| Segmentation | 11|
7| 4p’s of Sunsilk a) Product b) Price c) Promotion i. Media plan for Sunsilk ii. Creating an advertise for Sunsilk d) Place | 121415161720| 8| Market Scenario of Sunsilk a) Target Market b) Market Share c) Mind Share d) Heart Share| 21212222| 9| Competitive Strategies of Sunsilk a) Defining a Strategic Objective b) Expanding the Total Market— i. New Customer ii. More Usage iii. Regular Customer c) Choosing General Strategy— i. Flank Attack ii. Frontal Attack iii. Bypass Attack| 232324| 10| Competitive Rivalry Positions of Sunsilk a) Availability of Many/Equally Balance Comp Competitors b) Industrial Growth Declines— i. Industrial Stage ii. Growth Stage Maturity iii. Stage Decline Stage c) BCG Marketing of Sunsilk d) High Fixed Cost & Storage Cost of Sunsilk e) Low Switching Cost of Sunsilk| 2525262727| 11| Threat of Substitution Product of Sunsilk a) Buyer’s Low Switching Cost b) Substitute Product’s Price is Lower c) Substitution Product’s Quality &Performance is Greater/Equal to Existence Product| 282828| 12| THE POWER OF BUYERS a) Buyers are Larger and Few in Number b) Buyers purchase a large portion of Industry’s total output c) Buyers switching costs low d) Buyers can pose threat to integrate backward into the Seller’s Industry| 29303030| 13| THE POWER OF SUPPLIERS a) Suppliers are large and few in number b) Suitable Substitution Products Are Not Available c) Individual Buyers Are Not Large Customers of Suppliers d) Suppliers Goods Are Critical to Buyer’s Success e) Supplier’s Products Create High Switching Cost f) Suppliers Can Pose Threat to Forward Integration to Buyer’s Industry| 313132323232| 14| SWOT Analysis a) Strength, b) Weakness, c) Opportunities, d) Threats.| 33333333| 15| Recommendations| 35|

16| Conclusion| 36|
17| Annexure| 37|


Sunsilk Shampoo’s are under the flag of Unilever is a very famous international product. Sunsilk was launched in the UK in 1954 & by 1959 it was available in 18 different countries worldwide. Sunsilk is the largest beauty shampoo brand in the Bangladesh. Currently, Sunsilk...
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