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Build top of the line consumers’ awareness.

· Creating a personality of the brand.

Besides having these general objectives, the advertising objectives are set avoiding to the advertising strategy for each product, e.g. Sunsilk advertising objectives since it was being re-launched were:

· To increase the usage.
· Conditioning benefits.
· Makes the hair appear clean and shiny.
· Imparts a feeling of freshness-due to fragrance.
· Easy to manage, silky, soft hair.
· Unique shampoo for every hair type.
· Effectively communicate brand promise.

Promotional strategy

§ Innovative campaigns such as ‘Hairapy’ and ‘Life Can’t Wait’ were launched to attract women to the bran Sponsored short films that were broadcast during popular television shows.

§ Media platforms used

§ Print media

§ internet rural campaign

§ environment concern ads

§ Music videos

§ Free sample distribution

§ Demo campaigning

§ Promotion of the products in the sunsilk range through movies such as “Fashion” Sunsilk has come up with a new promotional campaign GOOD HAIR DAYS in six major cities in collaboration with famous hair stylists of the country.

§ Hoardings

§ Sponsorships

§ Enhancement of product mix

§ New product formulations according to changing consumer preferences

§ Advertising

HINDUSTAN UNILEVER believes that messages about product delivered by credible sources can be very persuasive. Hence Jawed Habib who is an hair care expert endorses Sunsilk and more value is added to the brand. Consumers relate to products itself, they can relate to a human being who consumers believe is an expert so Jawed Habib is an expert so is Sunsilk. Jawed Habib a recognized andhighly qualified hair stylist is used by Sunsilk in its ads because they want to bring out an expert’s image.

§ Actresses as spokespersons

§ Co-marketing

§ Some of these...
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