Sunshine: Vitamin D and Summer

Topics: Vitamin D, Ultraviolet, Sunlight Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: September 17, 2008
If I was asked what my favorite season was and why I would undoubtedly answer summertime, with a massive smile on my face. Summertime is linked with most of my best memories. It’s the time of the year that the world kind of slows down for me and at the same time is completely jam packed full of activities. It’s the time of year where you get to spend so much time with relatives and family catching up and laughing. During the summertime I am healthy, happy and can enjoy nature. The best part of summer for me is being able become healthy once again and lose that nasty winter weight that just doesn’t want to let go. No matter where you look there is always something going on during the summer. Whether it is attending a baseball game, a grad party, a reunion, or a church festival. All of these activities allow me to get in shape and fit into my summer clothes. Another healthy side effect of summer is feeling that sun against my skin and soaking up all of that wonderful vitamin D. It’s said that you are supposed to go outside in the sun for at least fifteen minutes a day to get the recommended daily dosage of vitamin d. This helps prevent against diseases such as rickets. It’s also a great excuse to use to get outside during the day. We have such incredibly long winters and such incredibly short summers here in Minnesota. I don’t know about everyone else but during the winter time when the sun is so far away from us and only comes out for a couple of hours each day I get a blue, but then I just start thinking about summertime and it cheers me right back up. I wait for summer to get here all year round, even now in the middle of July I can’t wait for June to come again. Sunshine makes me happy as the songs goes. When I wake up and walk outside and see the summer sun shining in the early morning, and breathe in the fresh air, it brings me to such a wonderful place of calm and peacefulness. Every summer I literally live, eat and breathe outside while...
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