Sunshine Cafe Business Plan

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Southeast Asia Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: September 25, 2011
The news media are the main channel for public relations practitioners to get messages across to their publics. Getting their news or information materials used in the media is, therefore, a key professional responsibility for public relations practitioners. In an Asian country like Indonesia, this practice constitutes one of the more important parts of pubic relations practices. However, there has been little research conducted on predictive factors, especially as concerns taking into account different factors together regarding Indonesian journalists’ uses of public relations news materials, since it is the largest nation in the Southeast Asian region. Public relations researchers and scholars have hardly explored Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia. Now that more than 30 years of tight media control has come to an end (Sinaga, 1998), Indonesia presents a challenging setting for public relations studies in the face an explosive variety in journalism practices. With greater freedom, as Nieman fellow Bill Kovach’s (2004) observed, in some quarters there was high interest in applying western journalism discipline to story verification and upholding journalism’s obligation to the truth. Kovach (2004), however, also noted that there was the same penchant for using unconfirmed information among Indonesian journalists. The enactment of a new law that enhances press freedom and the subsequent halting of the government’s licensing system in 1999 ended the news media’s fear of getting banned (Kitley, 2001). The print media, in particular, have become more outspoken by reporting corruption cases and scandals involving businessmen and officials (Siregar, 2005). Freedom House’s ratings show scores for Indonesia’s political rights and civil liberties improved from 7 and 6 in the heyday of press bans in 1993 and 1994 to 3 and 4 in the years after 1999. Yet, Kovach noted that while the independent journalists organizations spread, Indonesian journalists continued...
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