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The movie I decided to watch is called Sunny. It was about a woman who decided to reunite her group of friends from high school. There were many cultural differences that I found throughout this movie. One of the main cultural differences was the school system. The Korean school system, especially in high school, is very different than the American school system. In the movie, the students are shown to have only one classroom. They were all part of the same class through out the whole year. Teachers would travel from classroom to classroom while the students remained in their designated rooms. They also had designated seats in which they sat in for the whole quarter, or semester or may be even the whole year—until the homeroom teacher would decide to change the assigned seating.

Another cultural difference that I found was the school uniforms. In the movie, there were different settings in two different time periods—the 80s and the present day period. In the movie, the high school that the main protagonist went to back in the 80s did not have school uniforms. Students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. However, in the modern day period, schools were shown with students wearing uniforms. I’ve also seen this in many other Korean movies and drama shows, students normally are seen wearing uniforms. Here in the United States, students who wore school uniforms were mostly went to private schools, which is a small minority of the school system. Many students went to public schools which most of the time do not have a required school uniform.

One other difference that I found interesting was the school festivals in Korean schools. In the movie, there was a scene where the school had a festival where each class were allowed to do something like sell, or entertain guests who came to the schools. Some classes were shown selling food that they made; some other classes were shown to have some games where customers and visitors played. And during the festival...
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