Sunglasses After Dark

Topics: Vampire, Human, Demon Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Agusan del Sur National High School
Angela Kate M. Lavapiz
Grade- 7 Kepler
Thursday, January 24, 2013
Home Reading Report No. 3
Sunglasses after Dark

Sonja Blue- comes into focus in a mental asylum, which she escapes by crawling down the side of the building like a spider. Pangloss- was the maker of Morgan.
Morgan- the vampire who created Sonja,
Catherine Wheele- fraudulent psychic and a shady evangelist Ghilardi- a mad would-be Van Helsing
Jacob Thorne- Denise's father

Embodiment- a person in whom or thing in which particular quality is embodied Subspecies- the category below a species
Aristocracy- a state so governed
Erudite- scholarly learning
Wrought- past and past part
Epitomized- to make or serve as an epitome

Sonja Blue inhabits the body of supposedly dead heiress Denise Thorne. In fact, Denise has been murdered, and Sonja, the vampire, a new personality with Denise's memories, has come to birth in her body. But Sonja actually shares her identity with two other personalities rather than just one: Denise, her original, mortal self, and the Other, the embodiment of singleminded bloodlust. Collins creates a demonic race known as the Pretenders, with a variety of subspecies that all prey on human beings. The Pretenders are the truth behind vampires, werewolves, incubi, and numerous other legendary creatures. Sonja, transformed by the aristocratic vampire Sir Morgan, whom she wishes to track down and kill, learns the truth about her kind from an erudite vampire-hunter, Ghilardi, and Morgan's rival, the vampire Pangloss. To the latter's bewilderment, Sonja has no interest in joining the Pretenders' "Real World" and the vampire subculture, with its game-playing rivalries. Instead, she pursues vengeance for her Denise Thorne self, thereby clashing with Catherine Wheele, fraudulent psychic and evangelist. After being drained and abandoned by Morgan, Sonja becomes a vengeful vampire-hunter....
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