Sundiata the Hero

Topics: Sundiata Keita, Mali Empire, Leadership Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Sundiata was not a self-absorbed person, when even at an early age, “malicious tongues began to blab. What three-year-old has not yet taken his first steps (p.15)?” Early on in his life Sundiata showed his since of concern for others when he sees his mother distraught other being slight by Sassouma, Sundiata says, “mother, what’s the matter (p.19)?” When Sundiata makes up his mind to overcome his problem of not walking, and should feel triumphant and celebrator by focusing on what everyone will say about him, he immediately thinks of his mother, “Mother, do you want just the leaves of the baobab or would you rather I brought you the whole tree, (p.19).” When Sassouma tries to set Sundiata up by having the old witches steal from his mother’s garden, Sundiata finds them in the process and calls out, “stop, stop, poor old women…what is the matter with you to run away like this. This garden belongs to all. Each time that you run short of condiments come to stock up here without fear, (p.25).” Instead of taking acts of witchcraft against Sundiata, the witches say, “nothing can be done against a heart full of kindness, (p.26).” He becomes a hero in the eyes of those that tried to harm him. His selflessness is on even greater display when he speaks with Fakoli, “I defend the weak, I defend the innocent Fakoli. You have suffered an injustice so I will render you justice, but I have lieutenants about me and I would like to know their opinions, (p.61).” Sundiata did mine that there was a chance that added Fakoli to his army would lessen his greatness, but instead he was fully committed to the act of help another fellow human being. Sundiata was great hero because showed leadership now matter what company he was in, “he was great among kings, he was peerless among men; he was beloved of God because he was the last of the great conquerors, (p.2).” The sense of leadership that is predicted for Sundiata and which he lives up to is evident in the statement, “Arise, young...
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