Sundiata Archetype

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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I. Executive Summary

The Brothers Grimm’s, “Ashputtle and D.T. Niane’s “Sundiata”, both have characters who is a villain. Sassouma Berete in “Sundiata” is similar to Ashputtle’s evil stepmother and stepsisters. Both of them bring misery and burden to the main character. In the story of “Ashputtle”, the evil stepmother and stepsisters mocks and insults Ashputtle, also they forced her to do all the household chores. Meanwhile, in the story of “Sundiata”, Sassouma Berete makes fun of Sundiata’s physical difference and jeers at Sogolon. Both of these villains have the same purpose. They want to bring down the main character, so that they can maintain their wealth.

II. Statement of Impact

Ashputtle’s evil stepmother and stepsisters are the cause of her despair and unhappiness. The wicked stepmother and stepsisters took advantage of Ashputtle, since her mother’s death. They made her do all the laborious household chores. They told her lies and false promises, like when they said she could go to the kingdom’s celebration, but she really can’t. Lastly, due to the mother’s greediness, they tried to deceit the prince by making him believe that one of them is the girl in the celebration. The stepmother and stepsisters made Ashputtle as the innocent girl that prevails in the end.

In the story of “Sundiata”, Sassouma Berete scoffs Sundiata, due to his physical difference. She also offends and mock Sundiata’s mom, Sogolon, by laughing in her face. She does that so that she could feel good for herself and brag about her only son. However, due to her depravity, she made Sundiata to surpass his own physical ailment and brought dignity back to his family

III. Justification
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