Sunday School Proposal

Topics: Living Stream Ministry Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Sunday School Proposal

This proposal is being written in response to the request of our District Sunday School Superintendent. Because of the lack of enthusiasm, motivation and concern, in relation to Sunday School and our local communities, our churches have suffered. As a result, the Sunday School has in some cases failed to assist in fulfilling its vital role in the Great Commission. This document will detail suggestions which will contribute to the overall goal of the total movement of the local church Sunday school.

*Travel throughout the district to oversee the affairs of the local Sunday School when needed and to give local Superintendents and Pastors in the district influences and assistance when needed.

* Encourage local Sunday School Superintendents and workers to support their local churches with faithful attendance.

* Encourage the local Sunday School to maintain a working and effective fellowship.

* Assist all local Superintendents as needed and is permissible (build a rapport with the local churches)

* Inform local Sunday School Departments of their duties.

* Organize and preside in annual district meetings for the purpose of promoting and encouraging the work of the Sunday School.

* Train and inform new Sunday School Superintendents of their duties when they are newly appointed.

* Instruct local Superintendents on how to set up and organize their Sunday School when requested by the local Superintendent and Pastor.

* Counsel with local Sunday School Superintendents at the request of their Pastors regarding their responsibilities when needed.

*Assist the State Sunday School Superintendent in collecting finances for the district, jurisdictional and national work as directed by the State Sunday School Superintendent.

It is my belief that every church should have a functioning Sunday School program, that’s dedicated to growth, both spiritually and numerically. There is no substitute for hard work and we can’t rely...
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